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Urgent news from Sharron Kington  This is it, the highly awaited details of all the help we need for this year's Wellington Monument Race.  AS you all know this is a big day for the club, bringing in much needed funds.  Last year, our first year 'on our own', was a fantastic success with us getting some amazing feedback from Jochens' results email, so guys it's going to be a tough act to follow, but we are just getting going!  What is important is reminding people it is on, as the stand alone web address is no longer, but all is now here via the club website, so please remind all and sundry where to get their entry forms / online entryBelow are the jobs that are required and names that I already have....


Runners - anyone who is not doing another job !
Phil Taylor
Carl Ward


Marshals (minimum of 20)


Tail runner


Kitchen (4)


Numbers / mementos table (2)
Emily T (and her little helper Sebastian)


Results recorder


Results runner


Marshal co-ordinator
Rich Caburn


Signs and top of hill co-ordinator
Richard LE


Entries on day (3)


John and Sue Lewis


Lead car

Mark Duddridge and Marion


Please let me have your names asap so we can organise co-ordination times etc. As a rule of thumb though, if you are there by 9.30 all should be good!


CAKES !!!!!!
Although we do give mulled wine and mince pies away after for runners, we do offer other refreshments as well.  If anyone is able to bake us a little something to sell it would be much appreciated... you all know how good it is to have cake after a race !!!  Again please let me know if you can to gauge numbers.


Car parking
Minimal car spaces available so car sharing is going to be a must... please chat amongst yourselves to organise that. 
Thanks for all your help in advance...


One final thing.... Jochen is stepping down from his entries / results position from this year. He has been an absolute trooper doing this and has a great system in place. However we now need someone to take it on.  The ideal scenario would be to shadow Jochen and find out what it entails ..... without someone doing this, the run will not take place.  So.... please don't be shy..... give me a shout.....


Shaz x


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