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Taunton Athletic Club is a thriving club catering for athletes of all ages and abilities, from beginners to county standard and beyond.  The origin of Taunton AC stretches as far back as the 1880s, making it one of the oldest clubs in the country.  Today, Taunton AC remains the only affiliated club in Taunton Deane, West Somerset and Sedgemoor offering opportunities for Juniors, Inters, Senior Men and Senior Women in track and field, sports hall, cross-country and road running.  We were among the first clubs in the South West to gain Club Mark accreditation, Sport England's stamp of approval that Taunton AC is a child-friendly, safe and effective club for young athletes.


Since 2001 we have been able to almost treble our membership, and have enjoyed much team success in a variety of competitions, whilst individual members of the club have competed at county, regional, national and international level.


We recognise however that competition results are not the only measure of a club's success.  Our primary aim is to witness individuals enjoying sport, fulfilling their potential, and at the simplest level, just being active and enjoying the physical and psychological benefits which sport brings to our lives.  We try to achieve all this through quality coaching and appropriate competition.


At Taunton AC we benefit from a team of highly qualified and experienced coaches who nurture each individual, from those who see athletics as a recreational way of keeping fit, to international medallists. 


Please click here for details of our current coaching team.


Coaching is at the heart of the club's activities.  Without a team of committed volunteer coaches there would be no structured weekly activity for the club's membership.  Quality coaching is key to both athlete development and participation, and at Taunton AC we aim to apply the UK Athletics Athlete Development Model to ensure that all members have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential and enjoy a life-long participation in the sport.


Please click here for full details of our Coaching / Athlete Pathway.


Please click here for the Endurance Pathway.


Information about the club's committee and the roles it fulfils will appear here shortly.

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