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Thank you for your interest in joining the club - we are now reopening our waiting list for Year 3 and above.  If you are interested in being added, please email us with your child's name and current school year group.  If at any stage you would like to remove your child from our current waiting list, just let us know and we will take them off the list and permanently remove their personal data from our records.  Unfortunately we cannot accommodate walk-ins under any circumstances.


The club caters for members who are 8 years old and above.  We have regular training sessions for


JUNIORS  (School Years 3 to 7)

INTERS     (Aged 12+ to U20 - School Year 8 and above)

SENIORS  (Aged 18 to 80+ ... you are never too old to start!)


If after a free first 'Taster' session you would like to join the club, present membership fees are set out below.


There is a one-off joining fee of £25, plus £16 for a competition licence for Year 6 and above, followed by a monthly standing order of £16 for seniors, £13 for juniors.  Alternatively you 

may pay your fees in full for the year:

Annual fee  £217 for seniors, £181 for juniors, which includes the one-off joining fee of £25,    plus the £16 competition licence if needed.

The above membership fees include your annual membership renewal, plus all weekly training fees, and entry fees to all league competitions where you are entered by the club.  If you are joining part way into the year, payments are reduced pro rata, apart from the one-off joining fee.

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