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SWAL MAY 31st 2015


by Mike Rogers


I felt it was only right to congratulate the members of the club who very impressively beat all their other South West rivals at the recent meet in Exeter.  What was so good about the day was that we had so many impressive performances across all the age groups.  With every point counting, we had stars such as Antonia Alvarez who just helped out on the day and obtained crucial points in the Under 15s 800 metres.


We had our long standing members and top athletes such as Archie and Joe Walton, James Slipper, Dom Taylor, Luke Reynolds and Ross Stephenson gain valuable points in the senior events.  Although having an exam the following day Chloe Martin again performed excellently for the team across a wide range of events.


Some new members to the team who shone through included Lydia Smith who came 5th in the 100 metres and long jump, Saxon Stuart-Taylor who came 3rd in the long jump and 4th in 100 metres, and Hector Inness who came 5th in the100 metres and 3rd in the 200 metres and 4th in the long jump.  Maisie Thorpe, although competing for the first time in the pole vault, managed to obtain 13 points.  With our winning margin being 12 points, this talented young lady followed this up with a strong 800 metres.


Excellent results across a number of events were also seen from Naomi Wilde, Iain Adams (a first and two seconds).  There was also an impressive debut from Ellie Byrne and excellent points from Helen Lewis and Olivia Handel, despite competing in a higher age group.


Our Under 17 boys, where we really have some exceptional talent, came up trumps on the day.  We had Sam Chinn with a first in the 100 and 200 metres and a second in the discus, Matt Alvarez and Tom Fuller both getting third places, and the three of them along with George Shurley coming together to win the relay. With Dan Wilde also winning the 400 metres hurdles and 800 metres it was a very impressive overall win for this age group.


The next fixture is on Sunday July 5th, again in Exeter.  Our competitors will be keen to claim back our lead so please speak to your team manager if you are able to compete on the day.


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