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We are planning to take a couple of cars to the Ash Town Tree Trail tomorrow.  Meet at the Blackbrook Pavilion at 5.30pm.  Be aware because of the work going on there you will need to park down the bottom car park down past the tennis centre.  It is a lovely race, very multi-terrain, bit of road, bit of trail and the odd field!  Great to race or just to potter and enjoy!



Well done to Joel and Nathan who took part in a track event for the club a couple of weekends ago, throwing themselves into the deep end (literally apparently!) and doing the club proud !


Glastonbury Tor 10k


Nick Daniels 40m 54s

Kim Hill 40m 56s

Jackie Batten 49m 03s


Yeovilton 5k


Phil Burden 15m10s

Steve Kershaw 16m 23s

Nick Daniels 18m 32s

Keith Paul 19m 04s

Martin Bluemel 19m 14s

Taty Armas 24m 47s


Happy running!

S x

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