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Taunton Athletic Club


Hope you all got your runs in today before Storm Isha got a grip.

Stay safe everyone.


Some results....please don't forget to send in 👍


Oh My Obelisk 

13 mile trail run, run by Dawlish Coasters

Mike Turk 2.07.13 (I think you said it was same as last year?)

International parkrunners alert!

Robin and Ursula have done two parkruns in New Zealand so far, Puarenga, Rotorua and Hagley.

Becca Holder has also been banging out the parkruns in Australia each week and in very good times too....well done Becca 🏃


Flo and Harry Bridges did Storm The Fort 10K night trail run last night.


Weston Prom 5 miler

Max Roberts and Adrian Macguiness had a jolly to the beach😃

It was Adrian's first ever 5 mile race and cracked it in 36.10

Max sauntered round in 31.02


Ash, just come across another of your missions 😃🏃

Trails and Tarmac Backyard Ultramarathon - 16 Yards


Race report…

Getting to the start line at 6am, the organisers had lights leading all the way up to the HQ - where we’d be starting each lap - from the car park. After getting my number and finding a spot to base myself, we all waited for the first 3 minute warning whistle before we started at 7am. 2 minute whistle… 1 minute warning whistle… Off we went with our headtorches in the dark!


51 runners started out of the 60 signed up.

6 dropped out in the first 7 hours.

15 runners dropped out on lap/yard 8.

6 dropped by 10 hours.

At this point, the rain started coming down, the trails started getting slippery and the headtorches came out for running in the dark again!

Another 7 dropped reaching 12 yards - 50 miles.

15 runners continued past the 12 hour point.


Only 10 of us went out on our 15th loop, aiming to reach 100km. At this point, we had been running in the dark for 5 hours, soaked through and the trails were getting very slippery. 15 laps was also my PB so I was keen to match it.


Three more dropped out at 100km. At 15 yards, I was equalling my best! I decided to push for another one, with 6 others toeing the line for another lap. The rain had caused the trails to run down the paths, making it tricky to go up or down the off-road sections. My 16th and final yard took a couple of minutes longer to get to half way. I managed to quicken up in the last mile, meaning my  sixteen 4.167 mile loops stayed consistent from the first to the last.


The winner managed another 4 more yards, reaching 20 yards to take the trophy!


Slowest lap - 53:05

Average lap - 52:25

Fastest lap - 51:4I


Happy running everyone!!!

Shaz x

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