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Hi guys




Cleeve 5K Relays

Representing Longrun Meadow parkrun in the parkrun relay category

Keith Paul 18.27

Hannah Taunton 18.28

Ellie Steer 21.24 (PB)

Battled driving wind and rain to win the category with their combined time.

Pic left to right…..Hannah Taunton, Keith Paul, Ellie Steer

Feel free to place above on your dart board!

Battle of Sedgemoor 10K

In less than ideal conditions, three brave souls ran at Langport….

Marcus Albano 37.30

Mark Bysouth 45.45 (PB)

Suzi Griffiths 55.26


Baltonsborough 5m

Marcus Albano 6th 30.03

Keith Paul 7th  30.22 (1st V 50)

Nick Daniels 31.46

Lesley Westgate 39.57 (1st V 55)

Sharron Kington 45.03


Other things of note……


Somerset Road race championship…… this year is the Burnham on Sea half marathon, Sunday October 7th



Just a note to selves really……. We are all as bad as each other for not taking proper rest and recovery weeks….. you are looking at once every six weeks to really keep you on your feet…..don’t feel you have to sit on the sofa all week with a beer, just cut your miles and intensity back, your body will thank you !!! Look at your race calendar and pencil them in !


Happy Running

Shaz x

Cleeve 5K Road Relay.jpg
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