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Hi All !  Yes its that time of the year when you need to pledge your troth to TAC !


There is the full membership form for newbies (same as 2015, bottom of the page, pay as you go), a renewal form for those already members and a standing order form if you would rather do it that way as opposed to the pay as you go on a Tuesday.  Unfortunately if you are in Charlotte's endurance squad you will need to do standing order as I do not have enough pairs of hands to chase for your weekly money too, sorry!


If you are already a member of another club and wish to be second claim to TAC, then all you need to do is pay the £25 membership and then your Tuesday training fees (as you should already have your England Athletics licence with your first claim club).


If anyone finds the forms confusing and not sure which box to tick, just shout we can work through it together!  I am sure you will all agree what good value for money it is ….as example my hockey fees for 7 months is £150 and £8 per game…


With the seniors' membership growing, let's see if we can put together some teams for some outings in the spring and summer sunshine!


I have just checked and there are still entries for Taunton Half if anyone out there has not yet entered….

Also still available Easter Bunny 10k Easter Monday.  First Yeovilton 5k 13th April.


TAC members have been out and about - some outings below …

Lesley and Richard Westgate …. Malta marathon

Suzi Griffiths …. Slay the Dragon

Nick Daniels ….. Burnham 5k series

Phil Roberts …… Bideford Half

Hannah Taunton….. Aquathlon

Plus others I am sure I have missed, let me know !


Happy Running everyone,

Shaz x

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