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Hey guys some results and stuff!!!




Yorkshire Marathon....

In his debut marathon in horrendous conditions, James Mulready banged out a truly impressive 3.07.07. Luckily for you James I could not find your splits to analyse !

Minehead's ever popular Stagger and Stumble in beautiful conditions saw great results from the below....

Stagger....Kate Drew first lady (and senior female).....2.16.29

Richard Westgate...3.48.56


Lesley Westgate....1.03.56


Don't forget guys to let us know when you race so we can all share your results and give you a pat on the back! At the moment because of my lack of email situation just reply to this one and Ellie will let me know...


Tuesday I know you are all meeting at Taunton School Astro at 6.30....does everyone know how to get there or does anyone need to meet Keith at the clubhouse at 6.25 to travel there with him? (site map of Taunton school attached just in case - the Astro is 'The Durrant'  – Astro is at no 42 and car park at 41).


Christmas Meal and Presentation Night.....don't forget to bring your money and menu choices in an really is a cracking night out, not to be missed!!!! Also don't forget it is the draw for the club VLM place....already some in the hat!!!


Happy running everyone


Shaz xx

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