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Some great running out there guys this last week, flying the TAC flag with vigour!



Bath Half

Phil Roberts….1.18.49

James Mulready ….1.23.04 (PB)

Keith Paul ….1.23.42

Lesley Westgate….1.54.22

Matt Kingdon….2.08.11 (poor Matt’s shin splints flared up and he struggled from mile 9, we all know how awful that is!)


Fleet Half

Andy Smith …..1.14.25 (big PB)


Lisbon Half

Mark Dayer…..1.37.49 ( big 5 min PB)


Reading Half

Sue England ….1.50


Nick Daniels

Well we all know windy it was last week so well done Nick in torrid conditions!

Burnham 5K….19.33

Weston 5m….. 30.57


Good luck to those doing Weston Half this weekend….

Suzi is doing it for Cancer so if anyone would like to help, here is here link…


Sunday Run

So does anyone fancy the Taunton Half route on Sunday?

Meet on the steps of Castle School Reception 8.00am (change of plan, not 8.30!) ….. toast and teacakes at the café after!

If you need to do longer miles you can add on before and / or after around Longrun.

Be aware that Junior parkrun is at 9 so be aware re parking.



How you all doing with your links to the Love Admin?

Don’t forget you will need to do your EA licence separately (bring £15 in an envelope with your name on and let me have), Julie will then process those.

If you intend representing the club in any relays etc you will need a licence, this will also make you eligible for race discounts as an affiliated runner.


Happy running,

Shaz x

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