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Sorry, bit short but sweet, some fantastic results guys!!!  Now all we have to do is get the rest of those marathons out the way and we can have some fun with some shorter stuff!!  We have offers of Sunday runs in different places….. off to some parkruns and we will get some dates for the physio and dietician talks…..


Yeovil Half

Sue England 1.48

Jack Baird 2.21 running with other half, well done her!


Manchester Marathon

Andy Staples 3.16.03 PB


Birmingham 10K trail (10.8K)

Nadine Prouse 1.05.41

Apparently a lovely race!


Taunton Marathon

Tony Chapman 2.38

Patrick Casey 3.35.56

Scott Weetch 3.43.30 course best by 6 mins


Taunton Half

Andy Smith 1.14.55 consistent as ever!

Matt Evans 1.22.22 his bad back did not stop him, great result Matt since you were not even sure about running.

Marcus Albano 1.23.18 PB by 2.5 mins

Neil Smith 1.24.37 PB

Matt Cole 1.24.49 PB

Simon Patterson 1.26.26 course PB

Phil Paddick 1.35.08

Mark Bysouth 1.39.38 PB by 1.5 mins

Carl Ward 1.39.45.

James Currie 1.42.57 PB first half marathon

Craig Whitemore 1.43.29 part of his  last 20 miler

Richard Westgate 2.00.55 beating his Teignmouth Trotter sister!

Hannah Taunton 1.18.24 PB first lady

Kim Hill 1.28.45 consistent as ever

Sharron Kington 2.12.10 (Thanks to all my entourage that helped me over the miles and got me home!)


Well done all !

Happy running,

Shaz x

Taunton Half 2019.jpg
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