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Taunton Athletic Club



Marathon Ultra Total Coastal 50K with 2,135 meters of elevation this route was about as tough as you can get.  Well done team TAC!

Morgan Curry finished 25/109 in a time of 7:18:56

Keith Smalldon....31/109 ....7.27.10


Cardiff Bay 10K

Craig Whitemore....38.14

Alice Murray Gourlay....38.52

Kirstie Booth .....38.54


As we start the summer sessions over at Longrun this week, we will need to be out and about fairly sharpish as the light is not yet completely with us, so please, if able, to be on time this week! 

Thanks 😄🏃


Happy Running

Shaz x

Ultra Total Coastal 50K 2023 2.jpg
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