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Latest results

Kate Drew 52 miles ultra……. Raving !


Kris and Scott went for a little jaunt over on Dartmoor for the 32.5 mile Discovery race. Both coming out with PBs … Scott taking off 10 mins to 5.49, Kris 5 mins to 5.53.


Carl Ward and Charlotte Rogers have been busy trying to get themselves times for World Tri qualification.


Piddlewood Plod

Lovely day in the sunshine  and a great day for TAC !

James Heal 1st

Keith Paul 2nd

Steve Willis 3rd (lovely to see Steve sporting a TAC vest again)

Craig first old git

Kirstie Booth 1st

Liz Heal 3rd

Ellie Steer 4th.

And me……. Thanks for coming to get me guys I was on my last legs!

Well worth it for the burgers and cakes eh guys? !

Sorry no times up yet….. but possibly not that important !


Yeovilton 5k Wednesday

Meet at the Costa Drive thro’, Hankridge…..5.45pm leave

Let me know if you are going to be there for car share please.


Happy Running,

Shaz x


PS the offers for WM help are beginning to trickle in….. need more help especially on the admin side…. Those jobs will not take more than a couple of hours out of your life at the max!

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