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Hi guys




Seaview 17

Scott Weetch 20+ scenic miles 3.54


Dorset Invader Half (14.8 miles !!!!!)

Lesley and Richard Westgate

2.48.52 and 3.08.43 respectively


Haselbury Trail 10K

Mark Bysouth…51.29

Thea Sanders 52.11

Robin Green 52.54

Paul Williams 55.10

Alan Bolon  57.48

Ursula Green 1.02.58

Suzi Griffiths 1.10.12

Shaz Kington 1.10.34


Don’t forget Yeovilton 5K Wednesday


Anyone for Killerton Parkrun Saturday?


Don’t forget Taunton 10K entries ….. filling fast…… now there are so many running with RF and TFC I would hate for anyone to miss out on an entry….  Always a good day out for us all ….. a showcase for the club …..


Sorry, very short but sweet today!!!!


Happy running,

Shaz x

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