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Hey guys 

Hope you have all had a good weekend.


Hurrah!!! Summer sessions start Thursday...please meet promptly at 6.30 so we can head out to Longrun 😄 yep I have whistle and stopwatch at the ready 😂😂🏃🏃




Weston Half

Sam Welcher....1.44.03

Adrian Mcguiness....1.49.07 PB

Flo Bridges....1.58.47

Max Roberts.....1.58.48.


Scott Weetch......I think he needs the details out in are a machine Scott!!!  In his own words ...

30 miles yesterday at the Total Coastal from Kingswear to Shaldon. Stunning scenery but oh my life that was a tough day.... EIGHT hours 40 😱😂 if I see another step it will be too soon!!!!! 2000 metres of elevation.


Don't forget next Saturday is TAC takeover at Longrun parkrun, thank you for all those who have volunteered...I believe there is still room for extras if you have not yet come forward, just give Marcus a shout.


Sunday....Taunton half/ full marathon

I have clubhouse keys so we can meet for a warm up, pic and a last nervous wee 😂😂🏃🏃

Meet at 9.30.

We will go for lunch after at Blackdown Garden Centre if anyone would like to come? Probably be there about 1.30/ 2pm.


Last call for any names for the weekend jolly in October please 😄🏃


Weston Half 2022.jpg

A swift recovery to Ash who had a disaster at parkrun yesterday. Can't let you out of our sight for a minute Ash, you manage a 100 mile ultra without a problem then fall in a hole before you even start at Longrun and do in your ligaments!!!


In relation to the above, a little birdie told me you were wonderful Liz Heal and looked after Ash.

I also heard that Max you looked after Flo and ran with her at Weston today.

The two examples above of going above and beyond to look after your club mates and is why TAC seniors is the best team in the whole wide world!!!


Happy running everyone

Shaz x

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