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Have I told you all lately how much I love you?

What a fantastic day, loads of PBs, but most of all team spirit you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Highlights were Simon Tranter going under 1.20 for the first time and nearly missing the presentations….

Steve Willis taking out the pace gang and doing a fabulous job for Kim and Craig (PB)…. Though they did send Keith on to try to slow down the girl ahead so they could catch her, but resulted in her going faster !!!

Zeke and Ellie running together again, this time it was Zeke who got the nod, but getting Ellie a PB…….. Mark furiously chasing their tails with a PB…

Liz Tas and Thea ran together until Theas longer and younger legs got Liz on the hills at the end, first half for Thea so PB !..(Good day in her house as Toby her other half was first man home in the marathon)

Scott, although just shy of a PB, but 4 mins off last time….

Alan and Robin running for a big chunk together, a PB for Alan and a 10 minute PB for Robin.

Nadine and Suzi pulled each other round with a PB for Suzi (2. 00.02 ……2 seconds…… really??!!)

Great to see the ultra boy Patrick back in the country having renewed his membership and moving back to these shores….

Lesley’s speedy little legs have given her a good for age qualifying time for London, Boston, the World !!!

Well done everyone!!!!


Half Marathon

5th overall…… Simon Tranter 1.19.27

1st V45……. Jon Gilling 1.22.07

Keith Paul 1.25.41

1st V35 …..Kim Hill 1.26.52

Steve Willis 1.26.53

Craig Whitemore  1.26.55 PB

Simon Patterson 1.28.27

Scott Weetch  1.36.01

Zeke Rawlins  1.38.10

Ellie Steer  1.38.23 PB

Mark Bysouth  1.41.13 PB

Thea Sanders  1.42.34

Liz Tas 1.45.53

Alan Bolon 1.46.18 PB

Robin Green 1.48.18 PB

Nadine Prouse 2.00.01

Suzi Griffiths 2.00.02

Ursula Green  2.02.13

Sharron Kington 2.12.13


Full Marathon

(Toby Chapman 2.41.10)

Patrick Casey 3.41

1st V60 Lesley Westgate   4.13.47



Well done Jason Louis in his first marathon, needed 3.15 for GFA for London….. easy peasy….. 3.13.44 !!!!!



Due to it having been a busy Sunday and some racing at Yeovilton Wednesday we are going to split the session into two groups.

Keith will take a group out for an easy couple of miles to ease legs.

I will stay on the track and run a session for whoever is remaining…..



Who would like to meet for a lift on Wednesday evening?


Happy Running


Shaz xx

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