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Hi Guys


Goodness what a busy couple of weeks..... so sorry for being so far behind with these results!


London Marathon

James Watson….. 2.29 …… awesome pacing….. did anyone check these time splits……

Ollie Burrows…..2.47 …… not bad on one leg Ollie !

Phil Roberts ….. 3.03 ….. not as hoped , but always another day.

Kate Drew…… 3.03 ….fabulous debut marathon!

Keith Paul….. 3.13 ….. still sulking, but has got good for age……

Sadly Jon G, Adam and Phil B were unable to run for varying reasons and poor Hannah C had a stomach bug and walked a long way…….


Honiton Hippo

Carl Ward tackled the mud and cargo nets of this 7.5 mile off-road race with a fabulous 17th place.



Offas Orra 

The Westgates headed off for this off-road half with Richard in 2.06.22 and Lesley 2.19.13.


Nick Daniels has been heading off to track races including Braunton Open and coming up with all sorts of PBs, great work !


Bridgwater Bolt

Ben Tull 1st jnr and second overall 36.34

Danny Doyle 40.10

Sam Tull 42.22

Kim Hill 1st lady 40.24

Ellie Steer 1st 20-29  45.21

Liz Tas 1st 50-59  46.42

Ursula Green 52.28

Sharron Kington 58.50


MIlton Keynes Marathon

Jon Gilling 2.58.51


And last but not least GB Duathlon pair Kirstie Booth and Carl Ward wore their GB tri-suits with pride in Spain this weekend with Kirstie 6th in her age group and Carl 18th.


Happy running !


Shaz x


PS Anyone left to pay membership subs?

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