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Hi gang


Tuesday track

Apologies, out of my control, having recently learnt that the track is to have its annual clean.....this Tuesday.... So we will still meet at the track at 6.30 and head out on the roads to do a winter session.

Here is your chance to vote for which one....please reply by return...the one with the most votes is the one we do! Really sorry about this, we would normally have used it as a hill session, just not sure how well that would have gone down as we only did it a couple of weeks ago 😂😂


Fast Friday 10K in Exeter

Neil and Ash fancied their chances there and certainly came up with the goods!!!

Neil Smith...36.57 ....PB!

Ash Trudgeon....39.48.... PB!


Yeovilton 5K

I have to say I have the utmost respect for you guys who turned up on Wednesday evening, thank you for coming! How you all managed to run so fast in those conditions and making it look so easy...I swear I was going backwards faster than I was forwards at one point!!!  Anyway benchmark down for next month, fingers crossed for better weather and more of you will join us!  Hope I've not missed anyone....

Phil Burden....16.39...  1st V 40

Marcus Albano....18.16

Miles Pearce....19.24...1st V 50

Keith Paul....19.27

Charlotte Brown...20.13

Rob Brown...20.14

Kendra Druce...20.15 (jr)

Barry Holder....21.47

Mark Bysouth....24.07

Becca Holder...28.29

Sharron Kington....29.28

Mark Bysouth....24.07


And today's marathons......Ta dah!!!!!!I


Newport Marathon

Scott Weetch....3.34.14....PB!


Beacon Beast Marathon (Bodmin)

Hilly trail marathon through Lanhydrock and surrounding villages.

Started by Speedo Mick who also competed.  Last seen in Milverton last Saturday.  Just a thought, how many pairs of Speedos do you think he has?

Ash Trudgeon.... 4.18.28... 10th


Manchester Marathon

Andy Staples ....3.04.05....PB!....sadly Andy's calf went at 23, so big round of applause for still pulling a PB out of the bag!

Max Roberts....3.12.08....I will be honest, with Max injured several weeks before, I did wonder whether he would even get to the start line, but Max pulled out all the stops and got round in a fabulous time!

Morgan Curry....our marathon man was on a mission with this one....3.38.34..PB!....mission accomplished!

Ellie Steer....first up this week, with Nick in London next on....first holding a PB of 3.41.58 and a good for age ballot place in London next year.

Bex Lawson.....with both Bex and Chaleigh joining TAC to learn their trade and to complete their first well done the blocks, now holding a PB of 4.24.36.

(sorry Max I didn't have pic of you, but Emma's said you looked very happy when she saw you!!!!)


Congratulations all for some amazing results, you should all be very proud of yourselves!!!


Happy running

Shaz x

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