The Devon Open Series is a four-match series of meetings that occur over the summer months.  Anyone can enter, ages 8+ (Year 4).  The youngest athletes (Under 10) compete in a QuadKids event, meaning that everyone does 75m, Long Jump, Vortex Throw, and 600m.  Athletes in other age groups can enter any event that they wish on the day.  There are events in every age group, including some in veteran categories.

Sunday 22nd April        Plymouth

Sunday 10th June         Braunton

Sunday 15th July          Tavistock (cancelled 12.07.18)

Sunday 12th August    Tavistock


The club provides a minibus to head down to these four events each year, with those athletes that don't compete frequently being given priority on the available seats.  The bus leaves Taunton at about 9.00am, and returns around 7.00pm.  If enough athletes from the club take part, we can partake in the team competition and compete against other teams there.


Food is ordinarily available to purchase at the events, though we recommend taking food and drink with you.


Here is a link to the timetable of events for 2018 (some events run in Meeting 1 & 3, others in 2 & 4)


If you are keen on going, then send a message to Jenna Gilbert, and she will get further information to you.