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Hi guys

Just a few updates, give me a shout if anyone has more and I will include on the next email…..


Ash Town Tree Trail …… A beautiful evening for a beautiful race, even the ploughed field at the end was just stubble and did not suck you in !

Danny Doyle 48.37

Carl Ward 50.36

Martin Bluemel 52.41

Mark Bysouth 1.01.05

Declan Rogers 1.21.43

Ellie Steer 57.03

Lesley Westgate 1.04.16

Ursula Green 1.04.35

Suzi Griffiths 1.10.57

Sharron Kington 1.21.42


Slateman Tri

Michael Heyes 3.08.18


Chester Half

Simon Tranter 1.23


Wambrook Waddle

Jon Gilling 43.28 1st vet


Wells 10K …… a sting in the tail of each loop with the everlasting hill, stonkingly hot, but a lovely race if you fancy it next year. We were all sat on the grass outside Bishop's Palace in the sunshine and missed the presentation…… oooops , sorry Keith!

Keith Paul 9th 38.04 1st V50

Mark Bysouth 52.01

Lesley 52.37

Ursula Green 55.11

Suzi Griffiths 59.10

Sharron K 1.00.28


Dorchester Half

Nadine Prouse, winged it, but enjoyed it!


Poole 10K …..bribed the girls with alcohol not to wear their watches….. look at the results……. Awesome!

Ursula Green 53.13

Suzi Griffiths 56.34


Track 3000 ….. first track race for the club and smashed it !

Kirstie Booth 10.28


This Sunday is the off road 10K Piddlewood Plod at Thurlbear near Stoke St Mary and the sun is going to shine ! There are entries on the day, but at an extra £3. We are going to go and toddle round……. A treat for Keith as it’s his birthday….. I tell you , I know how to spoil him!!!!


Happy running,

Shaz x

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